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JRA1 - Users Information

Within EUDET JRA1 a high resolution telescope is being developed. This telescope is available to use it for tests at test beams, mainly at DESY or CERN. If you would like to use this telescope, please contact Ingrid-Maria Gregor (Ingrid.gregor@desy.de) for more information. The application for the telescope within the Transnational Access of EUDET can be found here.

The “package” we offer to the user comprises the telescope itself, trigger hardware, readout computer, DAQ software and analysis software. Please find detailed information below.

The telescope consists of two arms each equipped with three layers of pixel sensors. Between these arms the device under test (DUT) can be placed. A technical drawing of the whole mechanical setup can be found here.
The DUT can be moved in x and y direction using precise actuators (the beam axis is the z-axis), as well as rotated in small steps with respect to the beam axis.

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