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ILC agenda explanation

This page will help you to create a meeting or conference and upload your documents

1) Create a meeting or a conference

a) first you have to go with you browser to the eudet part of the ILC. the adress is :

b) The page contains, on the right a column with "TOOLS" and "Add event"

c) choos the kind of event you want to add : Lecture, Meeting or Conference

d) once you chose, you will be ask for you nice password

e) you can now fill the general information about the title, place, dates for the meeting

f) you obtain now the following table :

g) in the "timetable" folder, you can fill the schedule of the meeting.

h) in the "Access Control", you can create the Modification key or the Access key. the modification key is the password which allow speakers to upload their talk. The access key allows you to make the agenda of the meeting private.


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