List of reports in 2010:

1.EUDET-Report-2010-01 Test Beam Measurements with the EUDET Pixel
Telescope, J. Behr

2.EUDET-Report-2010-02 Concept, Realization and Results of the Mechanical and
Electronics Integration Efforts for an Analog Hadronic Calorimeter, K.Gadow, E.Garutti, P.Göttlicher et al.

2.EUDET-Report-2010-03 VFCAL Annaul Report 2010, by M.Idzik, W.Lohmann, S.Schuwalow, L.Zawiejski

List of reports in 2009:

1.EUDET-Report-2009-01 JRA3 Electromagnetic Calorimeter Technical Design Report, M.Anduze, D.Bailey, R.Cornat, P.Cornebise et al.

2.EUDET-Report-2009-02 Results from the EUDET telescope with high resolution planes, A.Bulgheroni

3.EUDET-Report-2009-03 The EUDET Pixel Telescope Data Acquisition System, D.Haas

4.EUDET-Report-2009-04 The EUDET research infrastructure for detector R&D, I.-M.Gregor

5.EUDET-Report-2009-05 Overview of Studies on the SPIROC Chip Characterisation, R.Fabbri, B. Lutz, W. Shen

6.EUDET-Report-2009-06 The EUDET High Resolution Beam Telescope - The Final Digital Readout, E. Corrin

7.EUDET-Report-2009-07 HCAL mechanical design and electronics integration, E.Garutti, K.Gadow, P.Goettlicher et al.

8.EUDET-Report-2009-08 VFCAL Task Status Report, S.Schuwalow for FCAL Collaboration

9.EUDET-Report-2009-09 Readout electronics for LumiCal detector, M.Idzik, K.Swientek, T.Fiutowski et al.

List of reports in 2008:

9.EUDET-Report-2008-09 Latest developments in the MarlinTPC software package, J.Abernathy, K.Dehmelt, R.Diener, J.Engels et al.

8.EUDET-Report-2008-08 STATUS OF LUMICAL READOUT ELECTRONICS, M.Idzik, K.Swientek, Sz.Kulis et al.

7.EUDET-Report-2008-07 Calibration prototype for the EUDET HCAL, J.Cvach , M.Janata, J.Kvasnicka

6.EUDET-Report-2008-06 Status of the data acquisition system for the EUDET calorimeters, V.Bartsch, M.Wing, T.Wu

5.EUDET-Report-2008-05 Laser Alignment System for LumiCal, W.Daniluk , E.Kielar, J.Kotuła et al.

4.EUDET-Report-2008-04 JRA1 Delivery: Test Report on the EUDET High Resolution Pixel Telescope, The EUDET JRA1 Group

3.EUDET-Report-2008-03 EUDET: Detector R&D Towards the International Linear Collider, I.M.Gregor, J.Mnich

2.EUDET-Report-2008-02 The EUDET High Resolution Pixel Telescope – Towards the Final Telescope, D.Haas

1. EUDET-Report-2008-01 The EUDET High Resolution Pixel Telescope, Ph.Roloff

List of reports in 2007:

11.EUDET-Report-2007-11 Marlin et al - A Software Framework for ILC detector R&D, F.Gaede, J.Engels

10.EUDET-Report-2007-10 EUDET: Detector R&D Towards the International Linear Collider , J.Mnich

9.EUDET-Report-2007-09 Summary of the data acquisition session for ILC detectors, D.Haas

8.EUDET-Report-2007-08 The DAQ for the EUDET pixel telescope, D.Haas

7. EUDET-Report-2007-07 A pixelated Telescope for the E.U Detector R&D, D.Haas

6. EUDET-Report-2007-06 First Test Beam Results from the EUDET Pixel Telescope (Proc. of the IEEE NSS 2007 in Honolulu, USA), A.Bulgheroni

5. EUDET-Report-2007-05 A Pixel Telescope for Detector R&D (Proc. of the IEEE NSS 2006 in San Diego, USA), I.M.Gregor

4. EUDET-Report-2007-04 MarlinTPC: A Marlin based common TPC software framework for the LC-TPC collaboration, J.Abernathy, K.Dehmelt, R.Diener et al.

3. EUDET-Report-2007-03 Estimation of radiation effects in the front-end electronics of the Electromagnetic Calorimeter, V.Bartsch et al.

2. EUDET-Report-2007-02 Detectors for a Linear Collider, Joachim Mnich

1. EUDET-Report-2007-01 EUDET Telescope Geometry and Resolution Studies, A.F.Zarnecki, P.Niezurawski

List of reports in 2006:

6. EUDET-Report-2006-06 ASiLC R&D: design, present status and perspectives, M.Lozano et al.

5. Readout of GEM Detectors using the Medipix2 CMOS Chip, A.Bamberger et al.

4. EUDET-Report-2006-04 A proposed DAQ system for a calorimeter at the International Linear Collider, M.Wing et al.

3. EUDET-Report-2006-03 Measurements of radiation damages in the MIMOSA 5 pixel detector, L.Maczewski et al.

2. EUDET-Report-2006-02 A Pixel Telescope for Detector R&D for an International Linear Collider, T.Haas, Proc. Conf. Vertex 2005, Chujenzi Lake Japan, to be publ. in Nucl. Inst. A

1. EUDET-Report-2006-01 Data Acquisition in the EUDET Project, J.Mnich and M.Wing, Proc. of the LCWS06 at Bangalore


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