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EUDET documents fall in two categories:

1. EUDET-Memos are not refereed and serve mainly for internal communication even though they are in general publicly available from this web site.

2. EUDET-Reports are referred and approved by the Steering Committee. Papers, conference proceedings and all other write-up on EUDET related matters which are intended for a public audience need to become EUDET reports first to obtain the approval of the consortium.

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EUDET Documents Memos EUDET-MEMO-2010  · 


List of memos in 2010:

Eudet-Memo-2010-36 Particle tracking and energy loss measurements with the LCTPC: A comparison to simulation models, by P.Christiansen, P.Gros, L.Joensson et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-35 Monte Carlo evaluation of tile gap effect on energy solution in LumiCal, by J.A.Aguilar, B.Pawlik

Eudet-Memo-2010-33 EUDET Pixel Telescope Copies, by Ingrid-Maria Gregor

Eudet-Memo-2010-32 Results from in-beam test runs of a GEM based TPC prototype-noise studies and position resolution in the time direction, by L.Bryngemark

Eudet-Memo-2010-31 Analysis of the Gas Electron Multiplier readout system for the International Linear Collider Time Projection Chamber prototype at DESY, by T.Richert

Eudet-Memo-2010-30 Front end electronics for a TPC at future linear colliders, by L.Joeonsson on behalf of the LCTPC collaboration

Eudet-Memo-2010-29 Optimization of trapezoidal double sided silicon strip sensors by evaluation of different p-stop patterns, by T.Bergauer, M.Dragicevic, M.Friedl, I.Gfall et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-28 JRA1 Telescope: Labview Telescope DAQ demonstration software overview, G.Claus, M.Goffe, K.Jaaskelainen et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-27 JRA1 Telescope: DAQ emulator software overview, G.Claus, M.Goffe, K.Jaaskelainen et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-26 JRA1 Telescope: Source Tree installation – Libraries – Coding conventions, G.Claus, M.Goffe, K.Jaaskelainen et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-25 IPHC & NI Flex RIO DAQ for EUDET Mimosa 26 Beam Telescope, by JA1: Strasburg Group

Eudet-Memo-2010-24 Measuring the e ->\mu+\mu- Cross-Section Using the EUDET JRA1 Beam-Telescope, a Simulation Study (MuGen Simulation User Guide), by A.Vincer , D.Cussans , D.Newbold , H.Heath

Eudet-Memo-2010-23 Results with Micromegas modules at LP-TPC, by D.Attie, P.Colas, M.Dixit et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-22 Further improvement of the Telescope Chip performances, M.Bachaalany, J.Baudot, G.Bertolone et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-21 Beam test of the QMB6 calibration board and HBU0 prototype, by J.Cvach, J.Kvasnicka, I.Polak, J.Zalesak

Eudet-Memo-2010-20 Semitransparent microstrip detectors for infrared laser alignment of particle trackers, by M. Fernandez, J. Gonzalez, R. Jaramillo et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-19 TPC Task: the Past and the Present, by K.Dehmelt on behalf of the LCTPC Collaboration

Eudet-Memo-2010-18 A test system for the iLCSoft framework, by S.Aplin, J.Engels, F.Gaede

Eudet-Memo-2010-17 A large scale prototype for a SiW electromagnetic calorimeter for a future linear collider - EUDET Module, by Vladyslav Libov

Eudet-Memo-2010-16 ATLAS Planar Senors Tests Using the EUDET Telescope - TA Users Reportle, by P.Sicho, M.Goodrick, B.Hommels et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-15 Validation of GEANT4 hadronic models using CALICE data, by J.Apostolakis, A.Dotti, E.Garuttiy et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-14 Analytical track fitting: performance and new options, by A.F.Zarnecki

Eudet-Memo-2010-13 The EUDET JRA1 Data Acquisition System–Past, Present and Futuresall, by E.Corrin, D.Haas

Eudet-Memo-2010-12 EUTelescope. Offline track reconstruction and DUT analysis software, by I. Rubinskiy

Eudet-Memo-2010-11 The FORTIS EUDAQ Producer: Operating the TLU
with a Dead-Time Free Readout, by D. Cussans, R. Halsall

Eudet-Memo-2010-10 Results from SPiDeR, by M.Stanitzki, on behalf of the SPiDeR Collaboration

Eudet-Memo-2010-09 Test beam studies of the LumiCal prototype, by S.Kulis, J.Aguilar, M.Chrzszcz

Eudet-Memo-2010-08 Laser Alignment System for LumiCal, by J.Aguilar, W.Daniluk, E.Kielar, J.Kotuła et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-07 Recent Developments and Status of MarlinTPC and related Software, by J.Abernathy, Li Bo, P.Conley, K.Dehmelt et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-06 Redesign of LumiCal mechanical structure, by W.Daniluk, E.Kielar, J.Kotuła et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-05 Presentation of the front-end “ROC” chips readout for ECAL and HCAL ILC calorimeters, by F. Dulucq

Eudet-Memo-2010-04 EUDET Pixel Telescope Data Taking Manual - Updated Version for M26, by EUDET JRA1 Group

Eudet-Memo-2010-03 A Lightweight Field Cage for a Large TPC Prototype for the ILC, by T.Behnke, K.Dehmelt, R.Diener et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-02 Statement on the EUDET development in 2009, by EUDET Advisory Board

Eudet-Memo-2010-01 EUDAQ Software User Manual, by E.Corrin


EUDET Documents Memos EUDET-MEMO-2009  · 


List of memos in 2009:

Eudet-Memo-2009-31 Prototype compact readout system (JRA2-Deliverable), by L.Musa

Eudet-Memo-2009-30 Beam tests of the FORTIS 4T pixel detector, by J.J.Velthuis (On behalf of the SPiDeR collaboration)

Eudet-Memo-2009-29 Status of the TLU v0.2, by D. Cussans

Eudet-Memo-2009-27 Calorimeter DAQ status, by M.Wing

Eudet-Memo-2009-26 Test Results of the Zero Suppressed Digital Chip sensor for EUDET-JRA1 beam telescope, by M.Gélin, J.Baudot, G.Bertolone et al.

Eudet-Memo-2009-25 JRA-1 Milestone: Validation of the Final Sensor Equipping the EUDET Beam Telescope, by J.Baudot, G.Bertolone, G.Claus et al.

Eudet-Memo-2009-24 CALICE Test Beam Data and Hadronic Shower Models, by R. Fabbri on behalf of the CALICE Collaboration

Eudet-Memo-2009-23 Final production of novel IR-transparent microstrip silicon sensors, by M.Fernandez, J.Gonzalez, R.Jaramillo et al.

Eudet-Memo-2009-22 The Silicon Tracking System: Mechanical Integration and Alignement, by A. Charpy (On behalf of the SiLC Collaboration)


Eudet-Memo-2009-20 JRA2 SITRA Silicon Tracking -2009 Achievements, by SiLC Collaboration

Eudet-Memo-2009-19 DEPFET SPS beam test using the EUDET telescope, by J.Furletova on behalf of the DEPFET collaboration

Eudet-Memo-2009-18 Silicon Strip Sensors with integrated pitch adapters, by T.Bergauer, G. Auzinger, M.Dragicevic et al.

Eudet-Memo-2009-17 Test Beam with Silicon Detectors around the Large TPC Prototype, by S.Haensel, T.Bergauer, M.Dragicevic et al.

Eudet-Memo-2009-16 Update on the Status of MarlinTPC, by J.Abernathy, P.Conley, K.Dehmelt et al.

Eudet-Memo-2009-15 SiTRA Activity Status Report, by M.Fernandez, J.Gonzalez, R.Jaramillo et al.

Eudet-Memo-2009-14 First Data Taking of the SiTPC module at the Large TPC Prototype, by C.Brezina, K.Desch, J.Furletova et al.

Eudet-Memo-2009-13 Status of Silicon-Tungsten ECAL, by P.Sicho, M.Goodrick, B.Hommels et al.

Eudet-Memo-2009-12 A production system for massive data processing in ILCSoft, by S.J.Aplin, J.Engels, F.Gaedeet al.

Eudet-Memo-2009-10 LumiCal new mechanical structure, by J.Błocki, W.Daniluk, E.Kielar et al. on behalf of the FCAL collaboration

Eudet-Memo-2009-09 TPC Task Status Report, by K.Dehmelt on behalf of the LCTPC Collaboration

Eudet-Memo-2009-08 Status of TPC-electronics with Time-to-Digit Converters, by A.Kaukher, O.Schaefer, H.Schroeder, R.Wurth

Eudet-Memo-2009-07 Silicon Sensors Prototype for LumiCal Calorimeter, by J.Błocki, W.Daniluk, E.Kielar et all.

Eudet-Memo-2009-06 A Luminosity Calorimeter for CLIC, by H.Abramowicz, R.Ingbir, S.Kananov et all.

Eudet-Memo-2009-05 Magnetic field tests of the QRLED driver, by J.Cvach, J.Hladky, M.Janata et al.

Eudet-Memo-2009-04 Description of the JRA1 Trigger Logic Unit (TLU), v0.2c, by D. Cussans

Eudet-Memo-2009-03 EUDET Pixel Telescope Data Taking Manual - Updated Version 2009, EUDET JRA1 Group

Eudet-Memo-2009-02 GOSSIPO 3 - A front-end pixel chip prototype for readout of MPGDs, by C.Brezina, K.Desch, H.van der Graaf et al.

Eudet-Memo-2009-01 EUDET Advisory Board: Statement on the EUDET development in 2008


EUDET Documents Memos EUDET-MEMO-2008  · 


List of memos in 2008:

Eudet-Memo-2008-56 JRA2 SITRA Silicon Tracking Infrastructure, M.Lozano, G.Pellegrini, E.Cabruja et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-55 JRA2 SITRA Conductive Cooling System Prototype, A.Savoy Navarro, A.Galkin, V.Saveliev

Eudet-Memo-2008-54 JRA2 SITRA Forward Tracker Prototype, M.Lozano, G.Pellegrini, E.Cabruja et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-53 Production Readiness Report for the JRA3 task, H.Abramowicz, M.Anduze, D.Bailey et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-52 JRA1 Milestone: Final Readout Ready, D.Haas

Eudet-Memo-2008-51 JRA-1 Beam Telescope Towards the Final Pixel Sensor, G.Claus, Y.Degerli, A.Dorokhov et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-50 Description of the JRA1 Trigger Logic Unit (TLU), v0.2, D.Cussans

Eudet-Memo-2008-49 A General Purpose Electronic readout system for tests of Time Projection Chambers, equipped with different avalanche multiplication systems, A.Oskarsson, K.Dehmelt, J-P.Dewulf et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-48 EUTelescope, the JRA1 tracking and reconstruction software: a status report (Milestone), A.Bulgheroni, P.Roloff, J.Behr et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-47 Validation of Calibration and Digitization Procedures for an Analog HCal Prototype Based on Scintillator Tiles with SiPM Readout using Electron Beam Data, N.Meyer, S.Richter

Eudet-Memo-2008-46 Status of the Large TPC Prototype, K.Dehmelt for the LCTPC Collaboration

Eudet-Memo-2008-45 Calibration of Scintillator Tiles with SiPM Readout, N.D’Ascenzo, N.Feege, B.Lutz, N.Meyer et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-44 EUDRB: status report and plans for Interfacing to the Mimosa26, A.C.Ramusino, L.Piemontese

Eudet-Memo-2008-43 Towards a Digital TPC for the LC, H.Blank, C.Brezina, K.Desch et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-42 The third deliverable of JRA2/SiTPC: an endplate infrastructure, D.Attie, P.Colas, X.Coppolani, E.Delagnes et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-41 JRA2 Milestone: Field Cage Available, T.Behnke, K.Dehmelt, R.Diener

Eudet-Memo-2008-40 Si-TPC with GEMs, A.Bamberger, H.Blank, C.Brezina, K.Desch et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-39 Status of TPC-electronics with Time-to-Digit Converters, A. Kaukher, O.Schaefer, H.Schroeder, R.Wurth

Eudet-Memo-2008-38 The EUDET Data Reduction Board (EUDRB), A.Cotta Ramusino

Eudet-Memo-2008-37 Experimental validation of optical simulations for microstrip detectors, M.Fernandez, J.Gonzalez, R.Jaramillo et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-36 ISIS1 beam test using the EUDET telescope, J.J.Vlthuis(On behalf of the LCFI collaboration)

Eudet-Memo-2008-35 Report on the use of the EUDET telescope in the ALICE DHCAL test beam of July 2008 at CERN, I.Laktineh

Eudet-Memo-2008-34 JRA1 - The DEPFET sensor as the first fully integrated DUT in the EUDET pixel telescope: The SPS test beam 2008 J.Furletova, L.Reuen

Eudet-Memo-2008-33 JRA1 - The DEPFET sensor as the first fully integrated DUT in the EUDET pixel telescope: The PS test beam 2008, J.Furletova, L.Reuen

Eudet-Memo-2008-32 Forward Calorimetry sensor test facilities, S.Schuwalow for FCAL Collaboration (DESY Zeuthen)

Eudet-Memo-2008-31 A Modular TPC Endplate Description for GEAR, M.Killenberg, S.Turnbull

Eudet-Memo-2008-30 Update to the Status of the Bonn R&D Activities for a Pixel Based TPC, H.Blank, Ch.Brezina, K.Desch et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-29 Status Of the Bonn EUDET Computing Cluster, K.Desch, M. Killenberg, S.K.Nderitu et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-28 Silicon Strips Detectors Readout ASICs in Deep Sub-Micron CMOS Technology, J-F.Genat, T-H.Pham, A.Savoy-Navarro et al. (You will need a passsword to enter . Continue ).

Eudet-Memo-2008-27 Tel-Aviv University GRID Status, Y.BenHammou, R.Ingbir

Eudet-Memo-2008-26 Status of VFCAL, H.Henschel, W.Lange, W.Lohmann et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-25 Status of the Data Acquisition System and Slow Control for the JRA2 TPC test beam infrastructure, X.Janssen, G.De Lentdecker, J-P.Dewulf et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-24 JRA1 – The Demonstrator in 2008 and Telescope Outlook, I.-M.Gregor

Eudet-Memo-2008-23 HCAL mechanical design and electronics integration, K.Gadow, P.Goettlicher, K.Kschioneck, M.Reinecke, F.Sefkow

Eudet-Memo-2008-22 TAPI: high Precision Beam Telescope based on Mimosa18 Monolithic Pixel Sensor and TNT2 Data Acquisition Boards, W.Dulinski

Eudet-Memo-2008-21 JRA1 Progress Report: The data acquisition framework, D. Haas, E. Corrin

Eudet-Memo-2008-20 Integrated pixel readout for a TPC at NIKHEF, V.M.Blanco Carballo, Y. Bilevych, M.Chefdeville et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-19 The JRA-1 Online Monitor, J.Behr

Eudet-Memo-2008-18 A trigger distributor box for the LP-TPC, G.DeLentdecker, J.-P.Dewulf, X.Janssen, Y.Yang

Eudet-Memo-2008-17 The linear Collider TPC: Revised Magnetic-field requirments, R.Settles, W.Wiedenmann

Eudet-Memo-2008-16 Silicon Detectors for the LPTPC Test Beam, S.Haensel, T.Bergauer, M.Dragicevic et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-15 Resolution studies on silicon strip sensors with fine pitch, T.Bergauer, Z.Dolezal, M.Dragicevic et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-14 Laser Alignment System for LumiCal Status report, W.Daniluk, E.Kielar, J.Kotuła et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-13 LumiCal mechanical design proposal and integration with ILD, W.Wierba, J.Błocki, W.Daniluk et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-12 Silicon Sensors for LumiCal Status Report, W.Wierba, J.Błocki, W.Daniluk et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-11 JRA3 Electromagnetic Calorimeter Technical Design Report, M.Anduze, D.Bailey, R.Cornat et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-10 Depfet beam test alignment and resolution analysis, Z.Dolezal, Z.Drasal, P.Kodys et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-09 Redefinition of the Geometry of the Luminosity Calorimeter, H.Abramowicz, R.Ingbir, S.Kananov, A.Levy, I.Sadeh

Eudet-Memo-2008-08 Revised Requirements on the Readout of the Luminosity Calorimeter, H.Abramowicz, R.Ingbir, S.Kananov, A.Levy, I.Sadeh

Eudet-Memo-2008-07 ECAL Si/W – Design and Fabrication of moulds for the EUDET Module, M.Anduze, R. Poeschl

Eudet-Memo-2008-06 A prototype readout system for the LCTPC, D.Bertrand, G.De Lentdecker J.P.Dewulf, X.Jansen et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-05 A Prototype for TDC-based Readout Electronics for the LP TPC, A.Kaukher, O.Schaefer, H.Schroeder, R.Wurth

Eudet-Memo-2008-04 EUDET Advisory Board: Statement on the EUDET development in 2007

Eudet-Memo-2008-03 JRA-1 Milestone: IDC Prototype ready, G.Claus, Y.Degerli, A.Dorokhov et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-02 JRA3 Hadronic Calorimeter Technical Design Report, K.Gadow, E.Garutti, P.Göttlicher et al.

Eudet-Memo-2008-01 Status of VFCAL, M.Idzik, H.Henschel, W.Lohmann et al.


List of memos in 2007:

Eudet-Memo-2007-59 Motorized 3D Table: JRA2-SiTRA EUDET project, IN2P3-CNRS: G.Daubard, P.Ghislain, INFN: D.Gamba, B.Giraudo, P.Mereu

Eudet-Memo-2007-58 Towards a Measurement of the Mean Number of Charge Carriers Created by a MIP in sCVD Diamond using the EUDET Telescope, Ch.Grah, H.Henschel, A.Ignatenko et al.

Eudet-Memo-2007-57 Calice Data Processing, R.Poeschl

EUDET-Memo-2007-56 NA2 VALSIM Task 2007 report, J.Apostolakis, G.Folger, V.Grichine et al.

Eudet-Memo-2007-55 JRA-1 Milestone: SDC Prototype 2 ready, A.Himmi, G.Dozière, Ch.Hu-Guo, M.Winter

Eudet-Memo-2007-54 DAQ Status Report, L.B.A.Hommels, on behalf of the DAQ collaboration

Eudet-Memo-2007-53 Front-end electronics and data acquisition for the
LCTPC, L.Joensson, U.Mjoernmark

Eudet-Memo-2007-52 Air Cooling of Silicon Strip Test Setup for a Linear Collider Experiment, A. Savoy Navarro, A.Galkin, V.Saveliev

Eudet-Memo-2007-51 First Version of the PCMAG Field Map, J.Alozy, F.Bergsma, F.Formenti et al.

Eudet-Memo-2007-50 Characterisation of the Test Beam Lines T21 and T24 at DESY II, A.Cagil, H.Dag, I.-M.Gregor, M.T.Zeyrek

EUDET-Memo-2007-49 Characterisation and Monte-Carlo study of the T22 Electron Tests Beam Line at DESY II, la Torre Perez, P.Rahe, I.-M.Gregor, T.Haas, U.Koetz

EUDET-Memo-2007-48 HCAL 2-channel LED calibration prototype, M.Janata, I.Polák

EUDET-Memo-2007-47 Silicon sensors for the LumiCal – prototype design, J.Błocki, W.Daniluk, W.Dabrowski et al. (on behalf of the FCAL collaboration3)

EUDET-Memo-2007-46 Progress on the JRA1 Trigger Logic Unit (TLU), D.G.Cussans

EUDET-Memo-2007-45 Status of pixel sensors for the demonstrator phase of EUDET beam telescope, W.Dulinski

EUDET-Memo-2007-44 Status of the CEA Saclay R&D activities on pixelised readout of TPC, D.Attié, P.Colas, E.Delagnes et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-43 ISIS plans, H.Heath

EUDET-Memo-2007-42 Integration Issues Around the TPC, T.Behnke, K.Dehmelt, R.Diener

EUDET-Memo-2007-41 JRA3 Data Acquisition System Overview, M.Warren (on behalf of UK DAQ groups: Cambridge, Imperial, Manchester, RHUL and UCL)

EUDET-Memo-2007-40 The DEPFET sensor as the first device
under test using the EUDET JRA1 telescope, L.Reuen (On behalf of the DEPFET collaboration)

EUDET-Memo-2007-39 Status report: Laser Alignment System for LumiCal, J.Blocki, W.Daniluk, M.Gil et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-38 Status Report on TDC-based readout electronics for the LP TPC, A.Kaukher, O.Schaefer, H.Schroeder, R.Wurth

EUDET-Memo-2007-37 Status and Plans of the Large TPC Prototype for the ILC, T.Behnke, R.Diener, L.Hallermann, P.Schade

EUDET-Memo-2007-36 The EUDET Data Reduction Board (EUDRB), A. Cotta Ramusino

EUDET-Memo-2007-35 JRA2/SITRA status report 2007, M. Lozano et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-34 Status of the Bonn R&D Activities for a Pixel Based TPC, A.Bamberger, C.Brezina, K.Desch et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-33 Recent results with discharge protected Timepix detectors, Y.Bilevych, M.Bosma, M.Chefdeville et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-32 R&D on Microstrip IR Transparent Silicon Sensors, M.Fernandez et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-31 JRA2 SiTRA Alignment activities during 2007, M.Fernandez, J.Gonzalez, S.Heinemeyer et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-30 Activities on Si-TPC with GEMs, A.Bamberger, K.Desch, A.Fauler, M.Killenberg et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-29 Silicon Strips Detectors Readout Chip in Deep Sub-Micron CMOS Technology, J-F Genat, T-H.Pham, A. Savoy-Navarro

EUDET-Memo-2007-28 SiLC Sensors for the Large Prototype TPC at DESY, S.Haensel, T.Bergauer, M.Dragicevic et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-27 Generic Silicon Strip Detector R&D, T.Bergauer, M.Dragicevic, S.Hänsel, M.Krammer et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-26 JRA1 - Status of Mechanics, Cooling and Infrastructure, I.Gregor, C. Muhl

EUDET-Memo-2007-24 Requirements/ideas/proposal for a future gas detector pixel readout device, M.Campbell, R. Ballabriga, E. Heijne et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-23 Status of the NA2 COMP task, P.Wienemann

EUDET-Memo-2007-22 EUDET pixel telescope data taking manual, Ph.Roloff

EUDET-Memo-2007-21 Next Steps towards the Final Telescope, I.M.Gregor

EUDET-Memo-2007-20 EUTelescope: trackingsoftware, A.Bulgheroni, T.Klimkovich, P.Roloff, A.F.Zarnecki

EUDET-Memo-2007-19 JRA1 - Status of the Demonstrator Telescope

EUDET-Memo-2007-18 GEANT4 models for nucleon-nucleus cross-sections (NA2 VALSIM), G.Folger, V.Grichine

EUDET-Memo-2007-17 GEANT4 Simulation of the Electronic Readout Constraints for the Luminosity Detector of the ILC, H.Abramowicz, R.Ingbir, S.Kananov, A.Levy, I.Sadeh (on behalf of Tel Aviv groups, FCAL collaboration)

EUDET-Memo-2007-16 Milestone Report: Analogue Telescope integrated in Beam, I.M.Gregor, T.Haas

EUDET-Memo-2007-15 Status report on VALSIM deliverable of June 2007, J.Apostolakis, G.Folger, V.Grichine et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-14 Achievement of milestone: prototyping the data acquistion system for calorimeters, M.Wing (on behalf of UK DAQ groups)

EUDET-Memo-2007-13 The Concept of LumiCal Readout Electronics,
M.Idzik, K.Swientek, Sz.Kulis, W.Dabrowski et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-12 Constraints on the Electronic Readout for the Luminosity Detector of the ILC, H.Abramowicz, R.Ingbir, S.Kananov, A.Levy, I.Sadeh

EUDET-Memo-2007-11 Test Beams at DESY, T.Behnke, E.Garutti, I.-M.Gregor, T.Haas et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-10 Summary of JRA1 Review Meeting on 28 March at DPNC, Université de Genève, T.Haas

EUDET-Memo-2007-09 Proposed design of the silicon sensors for the LumiCal, J.Blocki, W.Daniluk, W.Dabrowski, M.Gil et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-08 JRA3 Calorimeter Conceptual Report, La Taille, J.Fleury, W.Lohmann, F.Sefkow, M.Warren

EUDET-Memo-2007-07 ESAB Statement on the EUDET Development in 2006, EUDET Advisory Board: P.Burrows, D.Karlen, T.Muller, L.Rolandi (chair), T.Takeshita

EUDET-Memo-2007-06 Simulation study for the EUDET pixel beam telescope using ILC software, T. Klimkovich

EUDET-Memo-2007-05 Progress on Pixel Readout of a TPC, K. Desch, et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-04 SITRA/SiLC beam test in 2006, M. Lozano et al.

EUDET-Memo-2007-03 NA2 VALSIM Task Status 2006 EUDET-Memo, J.Apostolakis, V.Grichine A.Howard, A.Ribon

EUDET-Memo-2007-02 Description of the JRA1 Trigger Logic Unit (TLU), D.Cussans

EUDET-Memo-2007-01 NA2 Status: Computing and Analysis, F.Gaede, P.Wienemann

List of reports in 2007:

11.EUDET-Report-2007-11 Marlin et al - A Software Framework for ILC detector R&D, F.Gaede, J.Engels

10.EUDET-Report-2007-10 EUDET: Detector R&D Towards the International Linear Collider , J.Mnich

9.EUDET-Report-2007-09 Summary of the data acquisition session for ILC detectors, D.Haas

8.EUDET-Report-2007-08 The DAQ for the EUDET pixel telescope, D.Haas

7. EUDET-Report-2007-07 A pixelated Telescope for the E.U Detector R&D, D.Haas

6. EUDET-Report-2007-06 First Test Beam Results from the EUDET Pixel Telescope (Proc. of the IEEE NSS 2007 in Honolulu, USA), A.Bulgheroni

5. EUDET-Report-2007-05 A Pixel Telescope for Detector R&D (Proc. of the IEEE NSS 2006 in San Diego, USA), I.M.Gregor

4. EUDET-Report-2007-04 MarlinTPC: A Marlin based common TPC software framework for the LC-TPC collaboration, J.Abernathy, K.Dehmelt, R.Diener et al.

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1. EUDET-Report-2007-01 EUDET Telescope Geometry and Resolution Studies, A.F.Zarnecki, P.Niezurawski


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