HCAL (Analog Hadronic Calorimeter)

Task B: Hadronic Calorimeter

To allow the efficient test of different readout technologies, a hadronic calorimeter stack will be developed and built. Compared to existing ones, the absorber structure should be significantly improved, made denser, mechanically more realistic (i.e. scalable), and generic enough that it can be used easily by different groups for different readout technologies. Only subsections of the structure need to be instrumented with readout devices.

An important part of every calorimeter is a proper calibration and monitoring system. The large number of channels needed for a granular calorimeter, and the wide dynamic range required by the various calibration functionalities present a sizeable challenge. We propose to develop a multi purpose calibration system which can be used for a wide variety of lightsensing calorimeter readout schemes.


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