FCAL (Forward Calorimeter)

Task C: Very Forward Calorimeter

The instrumentation of the very forward region is a particular challenge in terms of precision and radiation hardness. To properly instrument the forward region, calorimeters have to be fast and very resistant to radiation. At the same time the devices need to be compact and have a very fine segmentation. Several technologies are currently under study, among them industrially produced diamond sensors.

To support the R&D for radiation hard and fast calorimetry we propose to develop and build up a common infrastructure which will support all participating institutions:
  • Laser-based positioning and position monitoring of large area sensors with submicrometer precision.
  • Facility for the measurement of the homogeneity and linearity of the response from silicon and diamond sensors.
  • Test facility for functionality diagnostics and parameter measurements on partly assembled detectors.
  • Highly specialised integrated readout electronics with high linearity and large dynamic range for test beam measurements of calorimeter prototypes.


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