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Facilitate access to deep submicron technologies for radiation-tolerant microelectronics developments for front-end and readout ASICs. Design support and ILC coordinated access to a commercial silicon foundry for prototyping and production of integrated circuits in deep submicron CMOS technologies will be provided. This task consists of the following parts:

  • Characterization, validation and monitoring of the radiation tolerance of the selected technologies and development of a radiation-tolerant design methodology;
  • Provision of a design kit, including a digital library, to customize Europractice based CAE tools to the radiation-tolerant design methodology;
  • Adaptation of analogue models for ILC front-end electronics applications;
  • Provision of the commercial and technical interface to the silicon foundry for:

  • organization of shared multi-project wafer and/or mutli-project reticle runs

  • organization of engineering and production runs

  • liasing with the manufacturer for post-production diagnostics and failure analysis

One participant contributes to this task: CERN.

Task coordinator: Alessandro Marchioro (CERN)


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