This task comprises the development of a common data analysis and simulation infrastructure. It sub-divides into

  • Development of a software framework using modern software technology to exchange test beam data and software for common analysis and comparison of measurements;
  • Development of a software framework for the simulation of test beam experiment needed for the interpretation of the measurements;
  • The creation of a repository for experimental and simulation data;
  • Embedding into existing GRID infrastructure to allow easy exchange of data and a transparent exploitation of other available computing resources.

Documentation and its regular update are of utmost importance here to spread the information and to enable all potential users to profit from the developments. The participants in this Networking Activity will contribute by properly defining the requirements of the framework, providing and interfacing simulation and reconstruction software for the various detector technologies and by testing the framework. We expect to have a first version of the common data analysis and simulation framework ready after 18 month. This development however must continue throughout the whole duration of the project to cope with the increasing demands caused by the accumulation of data and the expected increasing complexity of the experiments. Participants contributing to this task are UBONN, DESY and IPASCR.

Task coordinator: Frank Gaede (DESY)


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