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List of memos in 2010:

Eudet-Memo-2010-36 Particle tracking and energy loss measurements with the LCTPC: A comparison to simulation models, by P.Christiansen, P.Gros, L.Joensson et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-35 Monte Carlo evaluation of tile gap effect on energy solution in LumiCal, by J.A.Aguilar, B.Pawlik

Eudet-Memo-2010-33 EUDET Pixel Telescope Copies, by Ingrid-Maria Gregor

Eudet-Memo-2010-32 Results from in-beam test runs of a GEM based TPC prototype-noise studies and position resolution in the time direction, by L.Bryngemark

Eudet-Memo-2010-31 Analysis of the Gas Electron Multiplier readout system for the International Linear Collider Time Projection Chamber prototype at DESY, by T.Richert

Eudet-Memo-2010-30 Front end electronics for a TPC at future linear colliders, by L.Joeonsson on behalf of the LCTPC collaboration

Eudet-Memo-2010-29 Optimization of trapezoidal double sided silicon strip sensors by evaluation of different p-stop patterns, by T.Bergauer, M.Dragicevic, M.Friedl, I.Gfall et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-28 JRA1 Telescope: Labview Telescope DAQ demonstration software overview, G.Claus, M.Goffe, K.Jaaskelainen et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-27 JRA1 Telescope: DAQ emulator software overview, G.Claus, M.Goffe, K.Jaaskelainen et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-26 JRA1 Telescope: Source Tree installation – Libraries – Coding conventions, G.Claus, M.Goffe, K.Jaaskelainen et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-25 IPHC & NI Flex RIO DAQ for EUDET Mimosa 26 Beam Telescope, by JA1: Strasburg Group

Eudet-Memo-2010-24 Measuring the e ->\mu+\mu- Cross-Section Using the EUDET JRA1 Beam-Telescope, a Simulation Study (MuGen Simulation User Guide), by A.Vincer , D.Cussans , D.Newbold , H.Heath

Eudet-Memo-2010-23 Results with Micromegas modules at LP-TPC, by D.Attie, P.Colas, M.Dixit et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-22 Further improvement of the Telescope Chip performances, M.Bachaalany, J.Baudot, G.Bertolone et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-21 Beam test of the QMB6 calibration board and HBU0 prototype, by J.Cvach, J.Kvasnicka, I.Polak, J.Zalesak

Eudet-Memo-2010-20 Semitransparent microstrip detectors for infrared laser alignment of particle trackers, by M. Fernandez, J. Gonzalez, R. Jaramillo et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-19 TPC Task: the Past and the Present, by K.Dehmelt on behalf of the LCTPC Collaboration

Eudet-Memo-2010-18 A test system for the iLCSoft framework, by S.Aplin, J.Engels, F.Gaede

Eudet-Memo-2010-17 A large scale prototype for a SiW electromagnetic calorimeter for a future linear collider - EUDET Module, by Vladyslav Libov

Eudet-Memo-2010-16 ATLAS Planar Senors Tests Using the EUDET Telescope - TA Users Reportle, by P.Sicho, M.Goodrick, B.Hommels et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-15 Validation of GEANT4 hadronic models using CALICE data, by J.Apostolakis, A.Dotti, E.Garuttiy et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-14 Analytical track fitting: performance and new options, by A.F.Zarnecki

Eudet-Memo-2010-13 The EUDET JRA1 Data Acquisition System–Past, Present and Futuresall, by E.Corrin, D.Haas

Eudet-Memo-2010-12 EUTelescope. Offline track reconstruction and DUT analysis software, by I. Rubinskiy

Eudet-Memo-2010-11 The FORTIS EUDAQ Producer: Operating the TLU
with a Dead-Time Free Readout, by D. Cussans, R. Halsall

Eudet-Memo-2010-10 Results from SPiDeR, by M.Stanitzki, on behalf of the SPiDeR Collaboration

Eudet-Memo-2010-09 Test beam studies of the LumiCal prototype, by S.Kulis, J.Aguilar, M.Chrzszcz

Eudet-Memo-2010-08 Laser Alignment System for LumiCal, by J.Aguilar, W.Daniluk, E.Kielar, J.Kotuła et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-07 Recent Developments and Status of MarlinTPC and related Software, by J.Abernathy, Li Bo, P.Conley, K.Dehmelt et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-06 Redesign of LumiCal mechanical structure, by W.Daniluk, E.Kielar, J.Kotuła et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-05 Presentation of the front-end “ROC” chips readout for ECAL and HCAL ILC calorimeters, by F. Dulucq

Eudet-Memo-2010-04 EUDET Pixel Telescope Data Taking Manual - Updated Version for M26, by EUDET JRA1 Group

Eudet-Memo-2010-03 A Lightweight Field Cage for a Large TPC Prototype for the ILC, by T.Behnke, K.Dehmelt, R.Diener et al.

Eudet-Memo-2010-02 Statement on the EUDET development in 2009, by EUDET Advisory Board

Eudet-Memo-2010-01 EUDAQ Software User Manual, by E.Corrin


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