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JRA1 - Documents

(a complete list of all EUDET memos and reports can be found here.)


  • Summary of JRA1 meeting at DESY January 2008 (doc) (pdf)

  • Summary of meeting with Y. Makida at DESY, 24 March 2006 (doc)(pdf)

  • 24 January 2006, DESY EUDET (doc) (pdf)


  • The EUDET High Resolution Beam Telescope - Towards the Final Digital Readout, by D.Haas (pdf)

  • The integration of DEPFET into the EUDET telescope, by Julia Furletova (pdf)

  • Joachim's talk at Vienna Instrumentation conference (pdf)

  • Ingrid's talk at NSS 2006 in San Diego (ppt) Writeup (pdf)

  • Prague testbeam simulation talk 1 (ppt) (pdf)

  • Prague testbeam simulation talk 2 (ppt) (pdf)

  • Prague testbeam simulation report (pdf)

  • Tobias' JRA1 Summary at 4/5 January 2006 JRA2 Brainstorming at NIKHEF(ppt) (pdf)

  • Tobias' JRA1 Summary at SC Meeting, 19 Dec. 2005 (ppt) (pdf)

  • Tobias' Vertex 2005 talk (ppt) (pdf) writeup (pdf)


  • Tobias' summary of JRA1 review, 28 March 07, Geneva (doc) (pdf)

  • DRAFT: EUDET 2006 annual report (doc) (pdf)

  • Tobias' summary of Annual 2006 JRA1 parallel session (doc) (pdf)

  • Interface questions between JRA1 and JRA2 (doc) (pdf)

  • Wojtek's notes on the JRA1 Brainstorming (pdf)

  • Tobias' summary of the JRA1 Brainstorming (pdf)

  • Stray field calculation for JACEE magnet (pdf)


  • JRA1 2006 milestones for EUDET media CD (pdf)

  • Tobias Haas: A Pixel Telescope for Detector R&D for an International Linear Collider, Presentation given at Vertex 2005 (pdf)

  • Lukasz Maszewski: Measurements of radiation damages in the MIMOSA 5 pixel detector (pdf)

Planning Documents:

  • Planning of 2008(pdf)

  • Draft Milestones 10/06 - 7/07 (doc) (pdf)

  • Cost estimate for JACEE magnet, update, 24 Mar 06 (xls) (pdf)

  • Summary of Discussion with DESY engineers on PCMAG infrastructure, 24 Feb 06 (doc) (pdf)

  • Summary of HW discussion during JRA1 parallel session at the Kickoff (doc) (pdf)

  • Planning for MAPS tutorial in Strasbourg, 13 - 17 Mar 06 (doc) (pdf)

  • Requirements document (doc)

  • Specification for Telescope mechanics (doc) (pdf)

  • Milestones/Deliverables for JRA1/DAQ, 14 Dec. 2005 (doc) (pdf)

  • Plans for consumable spending (doc) (pdf)

  • Description of work (so called Annex 1) (pdf)

  • Original Proposal (final version) (pdf)



  • Strayfield of PCMag overlaid on DESY Hall 2 plan (pdf)

  • Overall layout of hall 2 at DESY (pdf)

  • Additional drawings (24 Mar 2006) (tarball)

  • JACEE magnet schematic (pdf)


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